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 Leadership and Public Speaking Coaching and Training

Conferences & Workshops

I offer off the shelf workshops on the topics of Leadership, Work-Life balance, Time Management, Communications and more. Those workshops can of course be tailored to suit your specific needs

Individual Coaching

Trainings and workshop are very useful to improve soft skills, and when they are followed-up by individual coaching, the results are improved by 70%. With the support of individual coaching, we are ensuring the implementation of new learning actually happens.

Conferences & Workshop

I offer regular conferences and workshops in the Basel area, and I can also come to your premises. The workshops are ready, off-the-self, and can also be tailored to suit your particular needs. They can be in English or in French. Please contact me directly to discuss about your needs.


 Conferences Topics

Understanding Stress to stay fulfilled in Work

Emotional Intelligence - The secret to best performance in work

Time management - Better organised and less stressed

Defining a team vision and purpose

Non Violent Communication at Work

Presentation & Public speaking skills

Coaching skills for managers and leaders

Achieve your Goals

I will be your ally in achieving your goals and those of your company. You can probably do it all by yourself, but we are stronger as team. 

Define the Strategy

Are you crystal clear about the direction your departement / company need to take ? A coach is a precious help to ask you the really important questions so you can define the best strategy for your company

Improve moral an motivation

The yearly survey is not great ? More and more people are leaving in burnouts ? Maybe it is time to change something in the way we work 


I train and coach people on Presentation Skills, Public speaking and Non Violent Communication. 

What is Coaching ? 


According to the International Coaching Federation, Coaching is a partnership with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspire them to maximise their personal and professional potential.  

Coaching is an excellent tool to improve skills  and teams moral in a company. 




Why is Coaching powerful ?

Coaching is very powerful to implement profound changes. While training is very useful, when it is combined with coaching, we ensure implementation actually happens.

Who do you work with ?

I work with individuals and companies. I offer conferences for individuals at the « Université Populaire du Rhin » for individuals after work and also for companies. Contact-me to get a quote if you are interested in organising a workshop in your company.

About me

After 15 years in Marketing and Communications, in France, Australia, Switzerland and China, I made a career change in 2014 and re-trained as a Professional Coach.
Now Certified Master Coach and ICF Member, I offer conferences and workshops on topics I am passionate about : Coaching, Communication and Leadership Skills, Work Life balance and more…
Contact-me directly to get a quote for your next team event.


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